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DyFlex® is an insulation product obtained by combining a non-woven polyester-based non-woven fabric with a polyester-based PET film. The non-woven fabric is made of highly calendered short fibres, laminated onto PET film with the appropriate adhesive substances. The laminate is then refined by soaking the non-woven fabric in special grades of synthetic resin.

DyFlex is available in saturated (SF and SDF models) and non-resin saturated (ISF and IDF models) variants. The IDF and ISF models are white, while the SF and SDF models are pink (other colours available on request).

DyFlex laminates are used to insulate electric motors, transformers and electrical equipment in the F 155°C class. For transformers, DyFlex tapes are used as interlayer insulators.


DyFlex® laminates are available on 910 mm wide rolls and with a core/insert diameter of 76 mm. Different widths can be supplied on request, starting from the smallest width of 10 mm.

The overall thickness tolerance is +/- 15% for film laminates in thicknesses up to 190μ and +/- 10% for 250 and 350μ film laminates. The weight and yield tolerance is +/- 12% (IEC 626).

DyFlex® is a registered trademark of Coveme. Coveme is a UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001 certified company.

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