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DyBond products are flexible insulation materials coated with class B resin (not fully polymerised) on one or both sides. This material can also be resin coated (in thermal class H) over the entire surface or spotted with resin. DyBond tapes are used as electrical insulators for dry and oil-filled transformers as well as certain types of rotating machinery.

Availability: DyBond products are available in roll widths from 10 mm to 1830 mm.


The following values refer to DyBond materials chemically treated on one side over the entire surface.

Properties Unit Value Test method
Resin-coated on one side gr/mq 15 +/- 20% AST D646
Thickness of resin after curing μ 10 ASTM D347
Tearing force value of the joint after polymerisation with copper N/cm 300 +/- 10% COVEME


C: 200 C, F: 155 C, H: 180 C

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