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Bolts are the basic element of bolted connections - one of the most popular connection systems, commonly used in construction, structural work or mechanical engineering. Bolts differ in the material they are made of, as well as the shape of the head, the type of shank, the tip or the socket. They may be threaded along their entire length or part of it, and may also have additional elements such as noses, rim, underslung or offset. In our range you will find products of various applications and shapes - to take a look at the widest range of bolts in Mikołów!

The most common types of bolts

In the Voltrog range you will find all, typical bolts - you will purchase products such as:

  • countersunk bolts - used where the bolt must not protrude above the plane of the material - they are used, for example, to fix hinges, to screw together boards in furniture,
  • hexagonal head bolts, which are characterised by their high strength and are therefore used for heavy-duty connections,
  • eyebolts, allowing ropes to be attached and objects of moderate weight to be towed and lifted,
  • wing bolts, used in threaded connections that require adjustment.

Our company also manufactures customised bolts. So if you are looking for specific bolt in and around Mikolow, please contact us - we will custom-make any product you need!

Bolts Mikolow - check our offer

Do you want to buy bolts in Mikolow? Check out Voltrog's offer - products in permanent offer:

  • Hexagon socket head cap bolts with full thread DIN 933
  • Hexagon socket head cap bolts with partial thread DIN 931
  • Hexagon socket head cap bots (allen bolts) DIN 912
  • Hexagon socket head countersunk bolts with full thread DIN 7991
  • Countersunk bolts with two noses DIN 11014
  • Belt bolts DIN 15237
  • Hammer head cap bolts DIN 186 / DIN 188
  • Triangle head bolts DIN 22424
  • Flange bolts DIN 2510
  • Buckle bolts DIN 25193
  • Hammer head cap bolts DIN 261
  • Wing bolts DIN 316
  • Eyebolts DIN 444
  • Knurled thumb bolts DIN 464 / DIN 653
  • Square Head Bolts With Collar DIN 478
  • Square Head Bolts With Collar with dog point DIN 561
  • Square Head Bolts With Collar with cone point DIN 564
  • Eyebolts DIN 580
  • Mushroom head square neck bolts (lock bolts) DIN 603
  • Flat Countersunk Head Nib Bolts DIN 604
  • Flat countersunk head square neck bolts with long square 605
  • Half coach bolt DIN 607
  • Hexagon fits bolts with long and short thread DIN 609 / DIN 610
  • Socket head bolts low head DIN 6912
  • Hexagon fit bolts with hexagon nut for steel structures DIN 7968
  • Slotted countersunk head bolts for structural steel bolting DIN 7969
  • Hexagon socket thin head cap bolts DIN 7984
  • Hexagon head bolts for steel structures DIN 7990

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