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25 years on the market

About the company

VOLTROG Sp. z o.o. was established in 1999, and at the time of its founding it dealt exclusively with the warranty service of transformers for their renowned manufacturers; at a later stage it began to implement technological solutions mainly concerning the cutting of soft and hard electrical insulating materials. Thanks to our experience in servicing and repairing transformers, we are able to offer optimal, state-of-the-art insulation solutions for these devices, as well as other electrical machines.

New generation of electrical insulating materials

Manufacture and distribution of new generation electrical insulating materials. We supply laminates and hard insulators from leading manufacturers such as DuPont® (Mylar, Kapton film). The following products suitable for use in transformers and electric motors can be found among our flexible electrical insulating laminates:

Depending on the type, laminates are supplied on rolls, in tubular form (DDP paper) or as sheets (pressboard).

Insulation materials – hard

Our offer also includes hard insulating materials which are used primarily as construction materials with electrical insulating properties for static components in transformers, electric motors and switchgear. The hard insulating materials we offer can also be used to make partitions in low- and medium-voltage equipment, as well as busbar components. Available products:

Products tailored to your needs

Depending on customer needs, we supply hard insulation materials in various forms – e.g. bakelite as panels , tubes or electro-insulating panels and glass-epoxy profiles cut to size. If you need customised insulation solutions, use our services – we will provide you with products, tailored to your needs.

We also supply a wide range of bolts such as for example blots, washers, nuts, threaded rods, rivets, rivet nuts, screws, abrasive discs and rope accessories. Other services in our offer:

  • Plasma cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Waterjet cutting

High-quality bolts and insulators

Voltrog is a manufacturer of various bolt types according to customer requirements as well as standardised units. We produce insulation kits for distribution transformers. We are an authorised representative of COVEME, a manufacturer of electro-insulating films with non-woven and aramid paper (NOMEX DuPont®). Our offer also covers a full range of rasin insulators and measuring systems from GEORG JORDAN, of which we are also an authorised and exclusive sales representative in Poland. In 2009, the company implemented and applies the ISO 9001 system certified by the internationally recognised TUV NORD.