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DyTerm® is a Coveme-branded insulating laminate formed by combining Nomex® aramid paper with polyester film or Kapton® polyimide tape. Specialised adhesives are used to bond the layers of Nomex and film together. DyTerm® is distinguished by its high dielectric strength, high thermal resistance and favourable mechanical properties.

There are several types of DyTerm® laminates, differing in application: they are suitable for use in electrical equipment at the following operating temperatures:

  • DyTerm® type N2S is used in Class F electrical equipment, up to 155°C
  • DyTerm® types N1D, N2D, N3D, N3S are used up to 180°C, in class H equipment
  • Kapton® bonded laminate can be used in Class C equipment, up to 200°C

DyTerm® is an efficient insulation solution used in transformers, as well as in electric motors and electrical machines, at operating temperatures from 155 to 180 and 200°C. For rotating machines, DyTerm® is used as a slot closure, as insulation and for phase separation at winding heads. In transformers and electrical static equipment, DyTerm® is used as a pad of insulating material.

DyTerm® - information

DyTerm ® is available on 914 mm wide rolls and with a core/insert diameter of 76 mm. The laminate is also available in other widths on request, starting from 10 mm upwards.

DyTerm® is a registered trademark of Coveme.

Kapton® and Nomex® are registered trademarks of DuPont.

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